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Geico Insurance Reviews

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    Shame on Geico, We have been a customer for five plus years and recently geico just starting charging us for amounts that were doubled amount agreed upon without notification. When asked to remove us from automatic payments, they insisted on us to pay an additional $363 more if we want to remove ourselves from automatic payment. Disgusted at the blatant way they treated a customer who has been with them for five plus years. BUYER BE WARNED OF GEICO AUTOMATIC PAYMENT POLICY. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO FORCE A CUSTOMER TO HAVE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT ON A POLICY!!!! More...
    MEHIDPAT's Picture   MEHIDPAT    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulently Taking Money

    I needed insurance(renewal time) shopped around and Geico was cheapest. I put in all my info, verified DL and VIN# went to payment page put in my Credit info and Submitted. BAMMMM next page "Thank you for making your Payment of $331 on your past due balance from policy xxxxxx! Now we will attempt to charge the down payment of $xxx! and so on with their disclaimers." I called customer service to find out what just happened and apparantly I had a balance due from over 5 yrs ago they just collected on. I lost it. This is Fraud because they did not disclose to me I had a... More...
    thzrns's Picture   thzrns    2 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Business practice to customer

    My car was broken into for the second time in less than 90 days. I had to pay $1000 the first time it happened, so when it happened again, I knew it would cost me about the same. GEICO picks up the car, over the weekend and then they are calling me for an authorization. I tell the on site rep (Evan) I will not have the monies for a few weeks, he can't handle it, call GEICO. I call GEICO, they tells me talk to the body shop, body shop (Greenfield Auto in Newark, NJ) says, you will have to pay $25 a day for storage and then they say we usually charge you $50. Then I call Evans supervisor... More...
    ThutmoseJanic's Picture   ThutmoseJanic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico changed coverage and denied claim

    I had two separate motorcycle insurance policies with Geico each with different coverage options considering I used one bike more than the other. Geico recommended I combine the coverage to save money. After Geico merged policies I learned that the some of my coverage options didn't carry over because by default Geico maintains the cover of the lesser policy because both policies have to have equal coverage options. I had a claim and it was denied. NO ONE at Geico had straight answers. I am taking it to small claims court in my state. Stay away, all they are is a marketing... More...
    Sairaf's Picture   Sairaf    3 Comments   Comments
  • car accident

    I called geico today cause i thought it was a mistake but i got a parking ticket from 3 years ago and they had stated that the car i used to have wasnt on the report that it was totalled so i called geico to pull up the record of course im just a teen back then and dont know anything to keep the policy number on record they cant find the report from july 2007 when iw as on the accident and the car was totalled who can i call to get this info??? if geico can \t find who else can give me info that the s\car was totalled??? More...
    lilmama8586's Picture   lilmama8586    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lousy Customer Service and Business Practices

    Geico not once, but twice took money out of my bank account without my authorization. The second time they did it was three days AFTER I CANCELLED MY POLICY. Their customer service reps are clueless and none of the people I spoke to knew how to help me. The manager I spoke with (if he really was a manager) was rude, uncaring, condescending and completely unhelpful. I am currently filing two claims with my bank. These people really have no idea how much problems they have caused for me and they don't care. Not only that but they are a rip off. Allstate gave me a better rate.... More...
    Amy511's Picture   Amy511    1 Comments   Comments

    i had geico and my daughter bought a new car. the insurance was changed and about six months later she had and accident. geico said they had no insurance on this car the insurance was still on the car that was traded. we had totaled car and because it was her fault damages and medical bills on her and the other car owner. should have changed then. a year or so goes by mydaughter get married and moves away. geico would not take her off my insurance. after months of faxing them proof of her address they change my coverage to liability only and find out about a few months later from my auto... More...
    grandslam1965's Picture   grandslam1965    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico is dishonest

    Our car windshield was broken in the evening and we called Geico to report the claim. They told us we could go to any glass company, not the car dealer, to fix it. Since it was evening, we were authorized to get a rental car but I told Geico I wanted to get the windshield fixed that night and they reiterated that we could go to any glass company. We found a place that would fix the windshield that evening and now Geico is refusing to pay the full amount. We were told by 3 Geico employees that payment wouldn't be a problem but they are not following through. Very dishonest, VERY... More...
    MichelleEF's Picture   MichelleEF    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico refuses to refund me balance

    I used to own a car insured with Geico, and I sold my car in Jan 2011. when I called Geico to cancel my policy, and since they deducted the money in advance, they owed me a remaining balance. I have never received the check of the remaining balance until March 2011, they claimed that they sent it twice to an address that is different from the my address on file (I do not really know why would they do so ) so I asked them to send it again and confirmed the address to them. however, 2 weeks later, I purchased another car, so I called them to insure the new car, this time they... More...
    assaf's Picture   assaf    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    Purchased a policy by phone from geico 11/16/10. Had an outstanding balance of $58.00 from an old policy. Representative informed me that "your call is being recorded and that the old balance would be wiped out because this is what we do in this situation here at Geico." Check my bank account immedialtely after hanging up and found that I was charged $69.19 for the new policy and $58.00 for the old policy that the rep said would be wiped out. Called Geico back and talked to supervisor April Saunders who proceeded to tell me Geico never tapes conversations and that there was... More...
    thepaisleyone's Picture   thepaisleyone    1 Comments   Comments
  • Customer rewards

    I had Geico Insurance for 11 years, had a minor rear end, no damage/payout from Geico. I left the country for 9 months, came back and wanted to renew my policy and was told by the company, talked to supervisor, Jessica Inkenberry that I would have to start as a new customer, that would more than double the rate that I payed for over 11 years. Then she said thank you for being a loyal customer....I am so happy that I was a loyal customer with Geico! I would not recommend this company to anyone - I now have insurance with another company as a first time policy holder cheaper. I WOULD NOT... More...
    loyalty's Picture   loyalty    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pull these stupid ads

    Please , please , please finally stop the idiotic caveman ads. It should have been obvious to you that the Caveman ads aren't funny,clever, or entertaining, especially after the proposed caveman series was trashed by even the dumbest of viewers. They aren't funny and never were. They are just plain stupid. I makes me sick that these morons in caveman makeup are making a fortune in residuals by your idiotic insistence that these ads are effective. The Gecko is,by far the only good idea that your advertising agency has had. Please stop them. More...
    Rust's Picture   Rust    6 Comments   Comments
  • Auto Policy Misresentation

    A Geico Representative call offering to lower rates because of my good driving record, I accepted her offer thinking that I would paying a lower premium. Conversely, two weeks later I find that I have no auto insurance at all. When I contacted the company on 12-22-09 (I spoke to Teresa)who was unable to resolve the issue so I asked for a supervisor and Teresa said she would have a supervisor call me back, the supervisor never called me back. When I did not receive a call back, I called and spoke with Brian who told me in order to reinstate the policy that I hand no was canceled in the... More...
    naomidaly's Picture   naomidaly    0 Comments   Comments
  • How can they

    If your customer rear ends another person on the freeway, how can you possibly deny the claim. My dad hadn't changed lanes, he just had to slow down for traffic. He and his vehicle were injured and all they can give us is "the other driver had a different story." I'm looking at the police report. She hit him. What sorry service and what monsters the people at Geico. My dad is 75 and they are hoping he will just go away if they give him enough trouble. I guarantee, I won't go away. These people are despicable. More...
    stormi's Picture   stormi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Auto Insurance

    I requested a quote from GEICO and then the individual giving me the quote contacted me and alleged he had heard from a lender about a new car I had recently purchased and I needed to add it to the GEICO policy. However, I had not purchased a new car in 5 years. This is just a scam of GEICO trying to get you to purchase their policies but because of this tactic I did not purchase a policy. Next thing I know they are trying to charge the cost of their premium for a policy to my bank for a little under $1,000. I filed a dispute and it was removed from the bank account but then it was put... More...
    tzboring's Picture   tzboring    0 Comments   Comments


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